The Hidden King

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In a nice day, you realised that you’re infected with lycanthropy (that’s the state when you become a werewolf). You go outside, but the city of Montreal is not for werewolves.  So you are taken into a psychatryic facility. How modern tale! In the story you are searching for the hidden king. King of werewolves, whatever. But you only find psychiatry. They try to convince you, you are not a werewolf. They have some weighty argument. At the end you can choose from two opportunities, that is the two endings, it depends on whether you insist to the psychiatric treatment or rather go home and live your life further.

The Hidden King

I attend to University of Debrecen, communications and media studies. Life long learnig, all i can say. I play interactive fiction, use WordPress, practice English, study JavaScript and PHP recently in my spare time (which is non-Existent).

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