Spooky Times

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According to the description, the protagonist is a skeleton (but it doesn’t show up entirely), our goal is, to beat the other monsters, and get the halloween crown, in order to we will be the most trendy monster in one entire year, and we have the halloween kingdom. The whole game – according to the description again – invoke the Atari games’ atmosphere. We must seek and destroy all monsters in a little maze. The simple hitting is not doing well, something we must kill with fire, something with lightening. To my surprise, the game can be beaten, about a half an our, but we need some luck for it.

Ratings: 3,5 Halloween Crown out of 5


I attend to University of Debrecen, communications and media studies. Life long learnig, all i can say. I play interactive fiction, use WordPress, practice English, study JavaScript and PHP recently in my spare time (which is non-Existent).

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