My Name Is Tara Sue

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The title of the game is My name is Tara Sue, and we act a 25 years old clerk woman/girl, whose boss isn’t the best, and it is not a dream work for her work in an office. But don’t be in a hurry. If we are observant, in the beginning of the game we have found an e-mail, which tells to us, that our sister is kidnapped. In the office, we have no further business, somehow we must persuade the boss to let us go. In the meantime we begin to sick, e. g. we produce the signs of poisoning, vomit to the floor, etc. Tha game have 10 endings, and in 9 we die amongst various passions. We have the only chance to find our sister, before it will be too late.

Ratings: 4,5 blood vomiting out of 5



I attend to University of Debrecen, communications and media studies. Life long learnig, all i can say. I play interactive fiction, use WordPress, practice English, study JavaScript and PHP recently in my spare time (which is non-Existent).

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