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As the President of Space, we detect an asteroid heading to Earth and have to decide what to do, such as legalize space grass or, which seems like the best solution, ask a llama agent named Agent Andes (or a pseudonym) to “ Brucewillising ”the asteroid, that is, prevent it from colliding with Earth. As a llama, we have countless ways to do this, such as spitting, kicking, and making llama sounds. Plus, you can equip them with different gadgets or choose some specialty. The result is a fun, humorous comedy where you can choose the most optimal one from a myriad of options to accomplish the task. Of course, if we don’t make a good choice, we may fail, but luckily the game isn’t too long and it’s not hard to find the best solution (s). (Although not so easy.)


I attend to University of Debrecen, communications and media studies. Life long learnig, all i can say. I play interactive fiction, use WordPress, practice English, study JavaScript and PHP recently in my spare time (which is non-Existent).

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