Do or Donut

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At the beginning of the game, we head to our favorite donut to indulge in our favorite sweets, the enjoyment of donuts, the server is waiting for us impatiently, and of course we are our favorite customers? Or not? Our whole idyllic worldview is questioned in an instant as the older lady in front of us just competes for the last piece of our favorite donut. At this moment, the tempers are released, we first get into trouble, and then the fight goes on until the deployment of the superpowers. May the best man win! Whoever has the last donut wins the duel. Although, if superpowers were to add up, maybe we could take even more together. 4 types of completion are possible.

I attend to University of Debrecen, communications and media studies. Life long learnig, all i can say. I play interactive fiction, use WordPress, practice English, study JavaScript and PHP recently in my spare time (which is non-Existent).

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